At Impington Village College we provide our students with the knowledge, confidence and inspiration they need to achieve academic excellence and progress to the next stage of their life journey.

Our long history as an IB World School allows us to be part of a global community, united by the mission of creating ‘a better world through education, and rooted in the principles of academic rigour and a broad, values-based education.

Our College is ranked among the best comprehensive schools in the country and was East Anglia Comprehensive School of the Year in 2024 for the third time (Sunday Times Parent Power). Student progress at Impington Village College is consistently in the top 5% nationally, and in the first few years of the reformed GCSEs, 20% of students have achieved grade 9, with over 50% achieving at least a grade 7. We are extremely confident that all of our students will leave the College with the academic results that they deserve and are as proud of our students with high levels of SEND, who work towards one or two GCSEs alongside their entry level courses, as those who achieve the very top grades.

This academic success continues into our outstanding sixth form, where our students regularly obtain places at the very best universities; in 2022, 100% of our Diploma Programme students passed, with over one third achieving 40+ points, the equivalent of 4 A*s at A Level. It is not surprising that 10% of our IB Diploma Programme (DP) cohort regularly obtain Oxbridge places and nearly half of our students are offered places at Russell Group universities.

As an IB World School, academic achievement isn’t our only focus; we are also committed to guiding and supporting students into becoming well-rounded young people, and we are fiercely proud of the fully inclusive community of learning we have built, where individuality is recognised and celebrated. We promote the IB learner prole attributes of being caring, principled and reflective through our outstanding pastoral care and the development of personal wellbeing in our students. High levels of support are offered to all, and we were extremely proud to be awarded the Gold Carnegie Medal for Mental Health twice now, having been one of the ¬first schools in the country to earn it.

As part of our commitment to offering a truly international education, we launched the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) as our new KS3 curriculum in September 2021. We have spent the last three years completely redesigning our curricula and assessments to provide our students with a unique academic experience though the MYP. We were the first state school in the UK for students aged 11 – 18 to offer the MYP, the DP and Career-related Programme (CP) as a continuum, providing our students with a holistic, broad and balanced curriculum all the way through to 18.

We are truly international in our outlook, promoting international-mindedness in all our curricula. We offer five language choices at GCSE and more for sixth form students, and our student cohort speaks an amazing variety of over 30 languages! The MYP and DP are rooted in Global Contexts that ensure students develop the ability to understand that, for every topic, a multitude of different perspectives exist. We support this through an unparalleled range of extra-curricular activities and trips, with over fifty hours of clubs on offer each week and more than seventy trips a year.

We are resolute in our commitment to ensuring that our students achieve their best academically, but that they are able to enjoy the very best experiences inside and outside of the classroom and to thrive as individuals.

Victoria Hearn


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