At Impington Village College, we are proud of the achievements of all our students.

Our community is fully inclusive and, regardless of student’s starting points, we will ensure that they are guided to achieve the best possible grades. Our published outcomes include all students, from those who achieve a string of high GCSE grades, to students who have followed entry level courses alongside one or two GCSEs.

In the last four years, students’ GCSE results have consistently placed the College in the top 5% of non-selective schools nationally. Our 2020 Progress 8 score was +0.9, meaning that for the last four years our students have achieved, on average, almost half a grade above national expectations in every one of their subjects.


We are passionate about offering our students a pathway to a world of opportunities and are able to offer them advice and guidance about taking the next steps in their life-long journey of learning. Offering work experience to our students enables us to bridge the gap between the classroom and workplace and gives them both an insight into a different working environment and into different careers.

Our location on the outskirts of the historic city of Cambridge allows our students to tap into the diverse business community around them and gain valuable experience. Through a number of timetabled events throughout the College year, we offer our students the opportunity to go out into the workplace and to grow as individuals, becoming well-rounded learners who are ready for the next stages of their life.

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